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LIFE flows from the above-down-inside-out. This statement is rooted strongly in chiropractic philosophy. It is referring to the brain, the control center of the body and where LIFE originates, flowing down the spinal cord to the inside of the body, before traveling out to the world around us.

Chiropractors work to remove interference from this flow of LIFE energy, also known as mental impulses. Spinal vertebrae house and protect the spinal cord and the numerous nerves which carry these mental impulses. Misalignment in an individual spinal bone places stress on the soft tissues in the surrounding area. Among this soft tissue is the extremely sensitive nerve tissue. Chiropractors locate misaligned spinal bones, analyze their displacement, and apply a specific force to correct the misaligned vertebrae. We simply restore the flow of the LIFE energy which is in charge of the incredible healing and regulating of your body.

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