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Spring is finally here! The season in which life blooms and new beginnings take place. This is the time of the year where Mother Nature is at its finest. To take what was frozen tundra only a month prior, thaw it out, and bring from it new and abundant life is an awesome achievement.


Are bodies are always in spring mode. Every day we are growing and replacing old winter-like cells and replacing them with new fresh cells full of life. How green is your internal environment? Is it looking more winter-like or more spring-like?


Just like new outside growth requires a certain environment such as sun, water, and warmth; your body requires a certain environment for proper internal growth. Chiropractic provides a proper nervous system environment by maintaining proper spinal alignment. Your body’s growth is regulated and organized by your nervous system, the master control system. Our spine is in charge of keeping that system safe and properly functioning, but subluxations in our spine place stress on our nervous system.

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